A Beautiful Talk with Rabbi David Aaron About Manifesting Miracles & the Meaning of Love


How do you create miracles in your life and find gratitude for the ones that already surround you? Rabbi David Aaron, author, educator, and spiritual visionary is back on the podcast to shed his incredible wisdom about the true meaning of love and miracles. He teaches you how to give more kindness and compassion towards yourself, what makes you a miracle, why pain can be a good sign, and why you are love just by being here.

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1. We are made of love for the sake of love.
2. You are literally a once in a universal, once in an eternity manifestation. You are a masterpiece, a piece of the master.
3. What makes us special is not just great things in our life, but the difficult things – the things that make us able to feel other people’s pain, empathize, and genuinely want to help them.
4. If we’re hurting, that’s a good sign that we’re alive and we know there’s a light inside that needs to shine.
5. It starts with loving yourself. Think about the greatest gift you could give to someone you love, and give it to yourself.
6. You are a miracle.
7. You don’t have to be anything more than being. That’s the miracle of love. Love doesn’t have a reason, it doesn’t have to be justified or earned – because love is a gift. The more you give it and believe it, then the more you open your life to receive it.
8. You don’t have to be worthy to be loved. You just have to be.


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