Seth Godin’s Must Listen Advice on Trusting Yourself, Mastering the Practice & Becoming the Generous Person You Want to Be


How can you create work that matters and makes a difference? Seth Godin, bestselling author, entrepreneur, blogger, teacher, and Marketing Hall of Famer is back to guide you through the pinnacle lessons of his newest book, The Practice. He teaches you how to trust your inner voice, embrace the practice, ship creative work without the need to be perfect, start telling your story, and serve with generosity.


1. Put yourself on the hook. When you put yourself on the hook while making a living – that is a generous act.
2. You’re not seeking a job description. You’re seeking an emotion. If you choose the work that matches the emotion you’re looking for, you’ve already made huge progress towards where you want to go.
3. It’s a good sign to feel impostor syndrome. It means you’re doing the work.
4. The best way to serve is to be specific.
5. Make the type of contribution and become the type of person that people will search by name.
6. Whatever we’re trying to change, we tell a story, create tension, and give people a way to relieve that tension.
7. We don’t start with a Google keyword strategy or a Mailchimp list. We start by saying, “I looked some people in the eye and told them a story that made a difference to them. And I did it again and again.”
8. Make it good enough. Hit the spec, then ship the work. Bring it to the market and say, “I made this for you.”
9. Don’t spend your days worrying about your flutter kick when there’s someone you can save.
10. There might be mistakes you made, things you didn’t do, or things you didn’t say. But all you can do is try to help the next person.


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