Matthew McConaughey Shares How to Live Your Best Life & Find Success By Catching Greenlights


How can your biggest challenges turn into the greenlights that give you permission and confidence to keep going? Matthew McConaughey, Academy Award-winning actor (Dallas Buyers Club, Magic Mike, True Detective, A Time to Kill), NYT bestselling author, philanthropist, family man, and storyteller has always strived to stay in touch with his humanity, even with all the fame and celebrity status. He shares the core lessons from his new book Greenlights, including how to embrace delayed gratification, focus on the values that direct your life, get relative with the inevitable, recalibrate who you are at your core soul, and make this a time of new beginnings.

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1. You can engineer greenlights in your life by the person you are and the choices you make if you lay them down today.
2. You can’t please everyone. Don’t do things that sabotage or trespass on your soul.
3. Just keep livin’. L-I-V-I-N.
4. Start getting rid of who you aren’t by process of elimination. You’ll eventually have more of who you are sitting in front of you.
5. Now is the time to look in the mirror and ask yourself, “What do I value and why? How can I be a little bit better? How can I live today in a way that I’ll look forward to looking back?” Life is our resume, and it’s writing the story that will become our eulogy.
6. We’re all in this rodeo together. There’s room for everyone to win their own blue ribbon. There are so many different races to run.
7. Don’t pull the parachute just yet. Stick with it and trust you’ll come out on the other side.
8. There’s no greater adventure than trying to become our better, truer selves.
9. We have an opportunity to turn 2020 into a greenlight. We have an opportunity to pull and reveal the assets out of this time. This is a time of new beginnings.


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