How to Step Into Your Power & Turn Your Method Into an Offer


How can you uncover what’s holding you back from seeing the next highest branch? Cathy shares a coaching call with Matt, who has been steadily growing his business but doesn’t know what he should do with it next. She helps him discover his resistance, turn his method into a paid offer, and step onto his own stage to share his story and grow his impact.

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1. When you build a successful business, it’s because you show up for a person whose problem you’ve identified, and you have a method to solve it.
2. Claim your power. There’s a superstar inside of you.
3. Risk failure to say what you have to say and serve the world.
4. Don’t forget who you are. Come back to yourself. Stop being comfortable.
5. Walk into your future as if it already exists.
6. Get yourself on the hook. Make a promise and deliver it. You can do it.
7. When you welcome all parts of yourself every day, you give other people permission to do the same. When you do that, you succeed.
8. Your job isn’t to get the results. Your job is to show up and meet this frontier. We’re all here to do our assignment.


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