How to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind – Reese Evans


How can you change the way you think so you can step into the person you want to become? Reese Evans, mindset and abundance coach and founder of YES Supply is on a mission to teach the world the power of the subconscious mind so we can create the life we’re truly meant to live. She shares how to use tools like neurolinguistic programming and tapping to shift your energy and reach your potential, how to reframe your beliefs around money, and why sales is about speaking from your heart.

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1. The fact you have a goal, a big dream, something you want – that means you’re meant to have it.
2. What you want is your GPS. Make your goals based on what you desire. Get your subconscious mind on board so it points to where you want to be.
3. Map out the version of you who easily and effortlessly achieves what you want. What is your identity? What skillset would you have? What parts of your identity would you no longer have? Exonerate your past self so you can open up space to step into your new self, the person you’ve already been, the true you.
4. Expect the best case scenario.
5. Money is just an idea.
6. Fall in love with your offer. If you believe it’s helped you so much, then know that when you give it to someone else you’re helping them. It’s your duty.
7. When the teacher is ready, the students will appear. Consistently show up, add value, educate, tell your story, and share inspiration from your heart. It’s not about following a formula. Just speak to the person about why they need it.
8. 2020 is a year of surrender. Trust when you follow what you want, follow your joy, follow your bliss, and surrender to what is happening, things will always work out.


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