How to Grow Your Income on Instagram with Less than 1000 Followers – Elise Darma


How can you use Instagram to build your income and impact in an authentic way? Elise Darma, Instagram expert and educator walks you through the tactics and tools that have helped her students earn almost $1 million in revenue from Instagram, without needing over 1000 followers. She teaches you what you need to write in your Instagram profile, what type of content you should be posting to attract the right audience, how to gain more visibility, and how to create genuine relationships with your followers so they can become loving customers.

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1. Your profile is the first impression. Make it an attractive place for the person you want to attract.
2. Be specific. It’s okay to turn away people who aren’t meant for you.
3. Feedback is a gift so you can move forward.
4. Your #1 goal should be, “How can I relate to where my target follower is at today? What are they worried about right now and how can I meet them at that level?” Show up in a way that’s not polished or perfect.
5. Engagement is about asking questions and being a listener.
6. Create content that’s share-worthy or save-worthy.
7. We’re all human. What you’re sharing is more important than your own insecurity. Whatever happens, you can survive and you can certainly learn from it.


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