How to Embrace Your Fears & Create a Brand That Connects a Community – Michelle Poler


How do you stop living in your comfort zone and say hello to your fears? Michelle Poler, founder of Hello Fears, author, social entrepreneur, speaker, and brand strategist took on a 100 day challenge to face a fear every single day – and suddenly she found herself with an incredible brand and community. She shares how to build a clear and authentic brand that will unite an audience, identify what makes you remarkable, and make your ambition grow greater than your fears.

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1. Fear isn’t a bad sign. It’s telling you that this is a time to grow, that something good and positive can come out of discomfort.
2. Courage is contagious. Lead by example, especially when it’s hard.
3. If you want to connect with people and be a real brand, don’t aim for perfection. Be your vulnerable self. Embrace the good and the bad.
4. Choose growth over comfort every day, despite the fear it might bring.
5. The enemy of success is not failure. The real enemy is comfort. The only time we fail is when we fail to try.
6. Don’t ask what’s the worst that could happen. Reframe the question and ask yourself what’s the best that can happen.
7. There’s always a group of people who can learn from you. Don’t try to be an expert. Talk about your experience in your own voice.
8. Write down a list of things that make you remarkable. Ask people you know what makes you remarkable. You become more confident in who you are.


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