How Lauren Riihimaki’s Craft Passion Led to Over 8 Million YouTube Subscribers & Her LaurDIY Empire


How did an interest in crafting result in a community with millions and a multimillion dollar empire? Lauren Riihimaki aka LaurDIY, lifestyle/DIY influencer, YouTuber, entrepreneur & host of HBO Max’s Craftopia had no idea that her craft blog would soon open doors to an entire world, business, and TV show. She shares how to use your niche to your advantage, how content can turn into an income, why you shouldn’t hide your blooper reel, and why showing up as your authentic self creates the most growth for your brand.

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1. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Put yourself on different platforms that make sense to your brand.
2. Be authentic. Be yourself. You’re not doing anyone a favor when you pretend.
3. Listen to your audience. Create an open conversation whenever it’s possible. Social media is a valuable tool so you can learn exactly what your audience wants.
4. Don’t suck the personality out of your content by trying to be perfect. Show them the blooper reel.
5. There is a niche and corner of the internet for every single interest and passion.
6. Making something that your audience will enjoy doesn’t make you any less of a maker. You can redefine yourself to be a bigger breadth of things.
7. Your audience is in it for the long run. Bring them along the journey of your growth and transitions.


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