Stefanie Gass’s 4 Step Process to Get Clarity on Your Purpose & Turn It Into a Profit


How do you know what idea to follow and then turn it into a profitable business? Stefanie Gass, clarity coach and host of the Mompreneur Mastermind Show is back to walk you through her 4 step process to get clear on your passions and skillsets, and use them to be of service. She also shares her 3 P’s to help you get unstuck and her 3 trust tiers so you can grow your audience, build trust, and make money by solving their problems and serving from your heart.

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1. Every single one of you was born with a spiritual gift, this thing inside of you that is so simple for you that sometimes you miss it
2. You will fail before you flourish. You’ll question if you’re qualified. But it’s your assignment here and your responsibility to do it.
3. Be open to the evolution of your thing. It can pivot and change over time. But you have to start here.
4. Pause, pray, and poll the people who know you best. See what comes through.
5. Making money starts with going to the hottest, highest, most important problem of your audience and solving it for free. When you bring them a transformation, you become their favorite person. You build their trust.
7. Don’t speak to the What but the Why – tell them the reason they want this so badly.
8. You can’t give too much away. You’ll make so much more profit when you give, serve and solve at the deepest capacity you have in your heart.


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