Martha Beck Teaches You How to Get Over Impostor Syndrome & Find Your True Self


How can living with integrity end your suffering? Martha Beck, bestselling author, life coach, Oprah magazine columnist, and sociologist with 3 Harvard degrees is back with even more wisdom on what we can do to live in harmony with ourselves. She shares how to walk away from culture and get back to your true nature, how to get over your impostor syndrome, how to be more compassionate towards the noise in your head, and how to find the path to inner paradise.

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1. Know what you really know, feel what you really feel, say what you really mean, and do what you really feel is right. When you do those things, you will be living with integrity. You will be whole.
2. Courage is the ultimate necessary virtue. Even if you’re afraid – just pretend you have the courage to do it. There is no difference.
3. To be true to yourself is to be true to your nature. Go back to the last time you felt the ring of truth, the sense of joy and rightness, the click that said “this is right for me”. If you go back to that place, you’ll find things that are uniquely fascinating to you
4. When feelings of shame come up, it doesn’t mean you’re on the wrong track. It’s a signal you’re about to escape the cultural consensus and come to your senses.
5. Look at your wild child and your dictator. They’re both good. They’re both tired. Offer them loving kindness. You are the compassionate witness to the mind.
6. You don’t have to add expertise to yourself. You start perfect. In every single one of us is this pure crystal, the jewel at the heart of the lotus that is reflecting all the other jewels in the universe.
7. We don’t have to do anything. It’s all done for us. When nothing is done, nothing is left undone.
8. The way to paradise goes down beneath our feet. Leave the culture and go down into the depths of yourself. When you keep digging, you’ll find your truth and make your way to paradise.


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