Inspiring Stories from Creatives I’ve Coached Who Found the Courage to Make Their Mark


How do you gather the courage to make yourself available, pivot, and own what you do? Today we’re celebrating 5 more success stories from graduates who took Cathy’s Made to Do This program! You’ll hear the inspiring journeys of Holly Danger, Jeni Armstrong, Neema Black, Natalie Hines, and Oswald Perez about how they gave themselves permission to claim their title, change directions when the pandemic hit, and create a worldwide impact by sharing their gifts.

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Holly Danger

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– Podcast: Danger Radio

Jeni Armstrong:
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Oswald Perez
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Neema Black:
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– Register for Neema’s Free “So You Wanna Be A Vegan?” Workshop, 10/17 @ 1-2 pm PT!

Natalie Hines
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1. If you shift just 2 degrees, you’ll end up somewhere completely different.
2. Be willing to be available and the opportunities will unfold.
3. Everyone’s story matters.
4. Put the excuses on a shelf and just do it. Put it out there, see what happens, and let the feedback be your guide.
5. Try, iterate, and try again.
6. Words are art.
7. Stop running away from what you truly want. You owe it to yourself to give it a go.
8. When you show up and put yourself out there, people will listen. People want to know what you have to say.
9. Fall in love with yourself again to bring in the love of your life.

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