How Candace Bushnell Created Sex and the City from Her Passion for Writing


How do you deliver your message and give your audience what they want? Candace Bushnell, critically acclaimed, bestselling author of Sex and the City always dreamed of becoming a writer so she could shine a light on society’s limitations that are placed on women. She shares how she’s survived the world of editors, publishers and critics, what she learned about the creative business when her book became a hit TV series, how you can stay true to yourself and your mission, and how to embrace the process of working on your craft.

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1. Your message is valid, but you have to learn how to deliver it if you want people to listen.
2. You have to do you. You have to look after yourself.
3. Love the work. Be engaged with the work. That’s what shows.
4. There are different kinds of creativity and talents. Not everyone has the same gifts.
5. Part of the craft is just doing it, even if you don’t do anything with it or it doesn’t work out.
6. Not everyone will love you and that’s okay. Know who you are and that this is something you have to keep doing.
7. Everyone’s story deserves to be told. You never know who needs to hear it so they know they’re not alone.


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