3 Important Coaching Moments with My Students to Help Them Pick a Direction & Get Unstuck


How do you get clear on which direction to take? Cathy coaches 3 students from her Made to Do This program who have started to get momentum, but are struggling to figure out their next steps. You’ll learn what value you can provide in a program vs. a course, how to get specific on who you serve and make your messaging speak to them, how to make your promise and offer clear, and how to decide where you’re meant to go next.

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1. The more specific you can be, the more people you will attract. Call them by their name.
2. When you say “I’m here for it”, people trust you can do it because you trust yourself.
3. You get to make this up. Instead of thinking “What should I do?” you can come from a place of “What do I want to do”.
4. Don’t make it so hard for yourself. Follow what lights you up and have fun with it.
5. It’s your job to keep showing up. People need to hear your message consistently. They need to hear your enthusiasm and get to know you. You need to bring the momentum.
6. Pick one thing. The others will follow.
7. Confused buyers don’t buy. Have a point of view and stand for something.
8. When you make financial freedom your priority, you can serve your guts out, use the tools and techniques, trust the process, and you will be led to where you’re supposed to be.


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