The Most Powerful Stories of How My Students Got Unstuck and Transformed Their Business & Life in 3 Months


How did a frustrated online entrepreneur, a river rafting guide, an exhausted casting director, and a visually impaired illustrator wake up to the possibilities ahead of them and jumpstart a thriving business? We share unbelievable stories from our students Drew Madden, Jo’Nia Miller, Jennifer Legra, and Shannon Pinkston who went through Cathy’s coaching program and completely upleveled their life in 12 weeks. They’ll teach you how to push through limiting beliefs, serve and sell from a place of good intention, create a monetizable community that celebrates the joys of life, and embrace the gifts inside of you that are ready to become your purpose.

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1. Push through your discomfort a little bit each day.
2. You’re worth it to live out your dreams. When you live out your dreams, you can have the money and platform to give back.
3. Be messy. Do C grade work.
4. Raise your hand, be vulnerable, and embrace who you are.
5. Accept all the flavors of life that are offered to you. Try to drink from every cup.
6. You can serve people by inviting them into a place where they can have a good time.
7. Show up and do the work.
8. There will be hands and limiting beliefs that stand in your way. Walk around them, move through them. Don’t let that stop you from pursuing your purpose, from being everything the universe has created you to be.

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