The 3 Keys to Making a Sale + How to Uplevel Your Money Mindset


How can you reframe your money mindset and receive all the abundance that’s available to you? Cathy shares her wisdom on how to rewrite your narratives around money, turn it into a resource to create more good, set a new standard for what you will tolerate, and use her 3 keys to making a sale.

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  1. Love can’t be earned. It can only be given. You don’t have to walk on your knees for a thousand miles in the desert.
  2. Take a stand for the “and.” You can be a good person and have money.
  3. Whenever you’re ready, you can surrender. You’ll be carried by the love all around you, and the most miraculous things can happen because you allow it in.
  4. Selling is serving.
  5. Confused buyers don’t buy. So how can you explicitly and clearly tell people what you do? You get paid more to be specific.
  6. Everything is word of mouth. You don’t need thousands of followers.  A small group can become very powerful very quickly.
  7. We don’t sell price, we sell value.
  8. You get to choose your fishing hole. You get to choose your buyer.
  9. We show up – not because we’re ready, but because we make a decision that the 7 year old kid inside has had enough and will not sit on the bench one more day. We all deserve the uplevel.


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