How Jonathan and Drew Scott Created the Property Brothers & Became an HGTV Sensation


When you hit a failure or rejection, how do you redirect to the path of success? Drew and Jonathan Scott (aka the Property Brothers), entrepreneurs, designers, bestselling authors, and twin TV personalities on HGTV always loved entertaining through acting and magic tricks. But when the doors weren’t opening, they found a different way to serve through their passion and purpose. They share their wisdom on why you shouldn’t worry about your 5 year plan, how to take control of your destiny and create your own opportunities, how failure can become part of your growth cycle, and why being yourself is the best gift you can give to the world.

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1. Be yourself and have fun.
2. When you’re passionate about something, go all in.
3. No one will go out of their way to make you a success. It’s on you. Find the opportunities to put yourself out there and take a risk.
4. Failure is one of key components to success. If you learn from any trips along the way, it’s not a failure. It’s part of the growth cycle.
5. Put the little distractions aside. Break down the big vision into achievable chunks.
6. Be honest about your strengths and weaknesses. There’s no shame in identifying your weaknesses. It means you can identify how to resolve it.
7. If someone says you can’t do it, go find 5 ways to do it. Never let someone stand in the way of your passion.
8. No matter how hard you try to know where you’ll be in 5 or 10 years, you won’t figure it out. You’ll change your mind, you’ll live your life. So don’t worry about it.


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