How Gina DeVee Became Jen Sincero’s Coach & the Queen of Her Divine Life


How do you break through your upper limit and give yourself permission to own your worthiness? Gina DeVee, business and life coach, entrepreneur, and founder of Divine Living found herself at 30 years old struggling as a psychotherapist with $75,000 in debt and living with her parents. She teaches you how she rose up from this low point to selling $1000 and $25,000 packages, why it’s okay to focus on the money making activities, how to get the best personal development seminar of your life, take a stand for the “and”, and decide that success is in your future and that you are worth it.

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1. Say yes to the truth that you’re here for a reason, that you have gifts and talents, that what you have is really valuable, and that people DO want it and they will pay for it.
2. Worthiness is a decision. Successful people are successful because they decided they are worth it.
3. We were all created as worthy. We wouldn’t be here if we weren’t important or needed. There’s nothing we can do to take away or remove from our worth.
4. If you want the best personal development seminar on the planet, start your own business.
5. Go get in front of your audience. Stop making it all about you, go be of service, and go make your money.
6. Send this prayer to the universe – “Please use me. May my life be used.”
7. The life of your dreams is why you came to this planet.
8. Think more highly of yourself and think more highly of whatever you believe in. You’ll be really, really pleasantly dazzled. You will dazzle people whose lives you didn’t even know you could touch. This is what you deserve and this is why you came here.


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