Guy Raz Reveals His Own Incredible “How I Built This” Story


What does the path look like to becoming one of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs and storytellers? Guy Raz, host and co-creator of NPR’s top rated podcast How I Built This has always had a fascination for learning other people’s stories, and he’s built an incredible career by sharing those stories to inspire others to follow in their footsteps. He shares his wisdom on why now is the best time to be radical and start a business, how to push through the no’s to reach the yes, and how to identify the problem that your business can solve for you and the people who need it most.

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1. People just want to be heard. Listen to them. Acknowledge their stories.
2. We are all Clark Kents. The only difference between an entrepreneur and you is that they went into the phone booth and put on the cape.
3. When you hear a lot of no’s, you’ll eventually get to a yes. There’s a hit rate so keep pushing until you get to that yes.
4. You got this. It’s going to be hard, but keep at it.
5. There’s a huge opportunity to start thinking about a business now. If you start at the bottom there’s nowhere to go except up.
6. Entrepreneurship is where innovation comes from. It’s the people working in small garages who make huge changes.
7. Now is the time to be totally radical. You can’t hem and haw. You can’t hesitate. You have to do things you couldn’t imagine doing a year ago.
8. Every single idea out there is built on another idea. So think about “What is the problem I have that other people probably have too?” Your business comes from the problem you see that needs to be solved.


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