Dan Harris on Becoming 10% Happier & Using Meditation to Welcome All Parts of Yourself


How can you become 10% happier and kinder to every part of yourself? Dan Harris, cofounder of Ten Percent Happier, ABC News anchor, bestselling author, and podcast host was a mindfulness and meditation skeptic for most of his life. But after a panic attack on live national TV, he realized that something had to change. He shares how meditation and mindfulness can quiet the judgmental voice in your head, what it really means to meditate successfully, how anyone can step into the world of meditation with a basic practice, and how to give a warm welcome to the desirable and undesirable aspects of your true self.

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1. You don’t have to struggle and slay your dragons. Instead, blow them a kiss and give them a hug.

2. Recognize that you are just a swirl of constellation. Then step out of the fray and view whatever happens in your consciousness without judgment, but with warmth so you can respond wisely rather than react blindly.

3. Noticing that you’re distracted is not the moment of failure, but of success. The goal of meditation is not to clear your mind. It’s to familiarize yourself with the inner cacophony in your head so you’re not owned by it.
4. Welcome in whatever is going on in your mind and give it a  party hat.
5. The quality of your relationships will determine the quality of your life. Use this as an opportunity to create more community and strengthen ties.
6. The mind is trainable. All the mental qualities we want, like peace of mind, generosity, compassion, connection, and gratitude are not factory settings. They’re skills that we can program into ourselves.


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