A Masterclass with Jim Kwik About the Mindset, Motivation & Methods to Become Limitless


How can you become limitless when you feel blocked by limiting beliefs? Jim Kwik, brain performance expert, NYT bestselling author, podcaster, and CEO of Kwik Learning used to believe he was the boy with a broken brain. But he trained his mind to unlock his superpowers, and he’s made it his life’s work to help you do it too. He teaches you how to use his 3 M’s to become limitless, break free from your fears and the lies you tell yourself, and use gratitude to lead your own heroic life.

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1. Everyone has genius inside of them. Knowledge is power and learning is your superpower. It’s a superpower we all have.
2. Limitless is not about being perfect. It’s about advancing and progressing beyond what you believe is possible.
3. If failure is not an option, then neither is success.
4. Ask yourself, “What’s the tiniest action I can take right now that will give me progress towards my goal?” Little by little, a little becomes a lot.

5. When you take your last breath, nobody’s opinions and none of your fears will matter. What matters is how you loved, lived, laughed, and learned.
6. You are enough, because you always were and always will be.
7. You don’t need to have a good life to feel grateful. Feel grateful and you’ll have a great life.
8. You are 100% responsible for your life. With great responsibility comes great power.


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