How to Run a Successful Online Challenge, Reinvent Your Business & Make the Shift to 6 Figures – Jill Stanton


When your business no longer excites you, how can you walk away and start over? Jill Stanton, cofounder of Screw the Nine to Five, serial entrepreneur and podcaster is back on the podcast! She shares why she and her husband Josh decided to reinvent their flagship offer, how to create an effective online challenge that gets results, how to stop worrying about other people’s judgment of you, and why this is your time to sell with confidence.

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1. In times of chaos comes some of the biggest opportunities.
2. If you want to help the economy, the best thing you can do is sell. Pivot, get creative, and serve a serious need right now.
3. All you really need is self approval . Do you feel good about what you’re doing? Do you know you’re coming from a place of heart and of service? Do you actually have something that can be helpful? If the answer is yes, then move forward.
4. Other people’s opinions are more a reflection of their insecurities and internal struggles than it is about you. It’s liberating to know you can’t ever change someone else’s thoughts about you.
5. You make money by making offers.
6. Lean into what’s happening right now. Cater your marketing to what people need in this moment, and position your offer as the solution.
7. Be hyper specific about what outcome to expect with your challenge. Get clear on a tangible transformation.


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