How Tanya Taylor’s Resourcefulness Created a Fashion Brand That’s Beloved by Michelle Obama and Beyonce


How do you infuse color, optimism, and happiness into your brand? Tanya Taylor, award winning fashion designer combined her passion for bright colors, her desire to empower women of all shapes and sizes, and her resourcefulness to build a clothing brand that has become a hit in major department stores and the wardrobes of Michelle Obama and Beyonce. She shares how to get the courage to put yourself out there, create a welcoming and inclusive community, listen and learn from the people who support you, and turn this moment into a gift.

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1. You can be anyone you want to be.
2. This is all on you, kid. You’ll figure it out.
3. Put yourself out there. The worst thing someone can say is no.
4. Be present for your relationships. They want to see you, hear you, and feel your enthusiasm for your brand.
5. When you put purpose and heart ahead of the product – that’s when you stand out.
6. Survey your audience. Collect the data. Understand the complexity of this quilt of people who support you. Learn from them.
7. Be flexible on how you approach good times and bad times.
8. In a way, this is a gift. Now we have the space to get really clear on what to focus on.


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