How Kim Malek Built Salt & Straw Ice Cream to Make a Positive Impact & Become a Force for Good


How can ice cream bring together a community and become a force for good? Kim Malek, CEO and founder of Salt & Straw Ice Cream didn’t even know how to make ice cream when she had the idea to start a gathering place where people could be themselves and find happiness in the shared experience of enjoying a sweet treat. But she curated the talent who could make her vision happen. She teaches you how to use your community to collectively create an incredible product, what could happen when you have the courage to put your vision out in the world, and how to be in business while also making a positive impact on the world.

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1. You can be in business AND make a positive impact too. Be a force for good.
2. Let the community inspire you.
3. The more you grow, the more you can go above and beyond and create opportunities for other people.
4. Stand for something different. Stand for something that’s special, that’s really good, and that the world needs more of right now.
5. Put it out there. Say it out loud. People will step forward and help you.
6. It’s not about selling the product. It’s about transporting them into an experience and providing a space where they can come in, take off their armor, and be themself.
7. Trust that you can figure it out one step at a time and put the right pieces in place to make it happen.


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