Rob Lowe on Auditioning for The Outsiders, the Magic of Parks & Recreation and Following His Curiosity with His Podcast


How can you set your ego aside and stay right sized after decades of ups and downs? Rob Lowe, actor, bestselling author, and podcast host of Literally! with Rob Lowe has starred in iconic movies and TV shows like The Outsiders, Parks & Recreation, The West Wing, St. Elmo’s Fire and many more – but he is constantly looking for ways to keep growing and reinventing himself. He shares how to embrace your nerves, turn moments that have gone wrong into opportunities, deal with rejection and disappointment, what it was like to be part of the Parks & Rec magical cast, and how to stop taking yourself too seriously so you can fill your life with more fun and exploration.

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1. Stay curious and interested, stay connected to real life. It enables you to reinvent yourself and pay attention to new opportunities that the world has for you.
2. People’s reaction to you is more about them than it is about you.
3. Get off the talking points and be authentically you.
4. Don’t worry about your nerves. Nerves are a good thing.
5. We worry too much about the thing that could go “wrong”. If it happens, it’s actually an unbelievable opportunity.
6. Commit, commit, commit. The more you commit, the more people will assume you know what you’re doing.
7. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Make it a goal to be right sized.


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