Malcolm Gladwell Talks About Making Big Decisions, the Tipping Point the World is Seeing Now & How Much He Loves Podcasting


How can you embrace the adventure of creating what you love without worrying about the outcome? Malcolm Gladwell, NYT bestselling author and host of the Revisionist History Podcast has always had a fascination and curiosity for the world around him, and he’s made an incredible legacy by taking his audience on the journey of this exploration. He shares how your flaws and weaknesses can become your advantage, how to use the 80/20 rule to make the scary decisions, why Hamlet was wrong, how to have more successful interactions with strangers, and how accepting the fact that we never know the future can lead you to freedom.

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1. If the process is fun and meaningful, you can’t lose.
2. Hamlet was wrong.  Accepting that you can’t know the future doesn’t trap you – it frees you up.
3. Take your feelings seriously, but also investigate them.
4. The process of coping with our flaws and weaknesses can be a much more valuable experience than capitalizing on strengths.
5. Take your audience on the journey of what you’re obsessed with. Enjoy yourself. It’s insanely fun.
6. We are all storytellers. Your story has never been told by you, and that’s what makes it different.
7. There’s a magic when we can find a new way to appreciate the people around us.


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