Listen in on 2 Coaching Sessions to Hear My Students Have a Breakthrough


What possibilities are really available to you? Today’s episode features 2 special coaching sessions with Cathy and students Sadie Simper and Oswald Perez, who were struggling with feeling depleted and stagnant. This will open your eyes to how words can be turned into art, raise your rates, attract the clients who will pay for what your work is worth, and step into a new awakening.

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1. Words are art.
2. We’ve been given the opportunity to be a lighthouse right now. More than ever there’s a need for you in this world.
3. When you are real and you speak from a place of truth, everyone listens.
4. The possibilities are out there.
5. The cage door is open. It’s waiting for you to fly out.
6. You don’t have to walk on your knees for a thousand miles in the desert.
7. To attract your clients, you have to consistently market yourself more than you think you need to.
8. Be strategic about who you make your offer to. You get to choose your fishing hole.


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