How to Pivot Your Business Online, Build an Email List & Get Through These Times with Noah Kagan


How do you jumpstart an online business and find your audience? Noah Kagan, founder of AppSumo and, entrepreneur, and podcaster left the early teams at Facebook and to start his own companies and become a master in the internet marketing landscape. He shares the most effective strategies to build momentum for your business, how to execute process and progress goals, what marketing and selling really mean, how to grow your email list, and how to use limitations to fuel your creativity.

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1. Speed is number one. Just go do it. Get the train off the station and get something going. Momentum is one of the greatest assets for your business.
2. Limitations bring creativity. This is the best time ever to go try something new. It’s a blessing and opportunity to be an entrepreneur and get your freedom back.
3. Marketing is knowing who your thing is for, and where you can find them.
4. Selling is education, and it’s a disservice not to educate your audience.
5. It’s okay to say no to the wrong people.
6. Attention is more valuable than money.
7. Figure out what people are excited to give their money for – and then deliver it.
8. Be as specific as you can in the beginning. Build your moat and your true 1000 fans.
9. Don’t sweat the first version. Things evolve.


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