How to Grow Your Instagram Audience with Organic Marketing & Use DMs to Make Every Sale a Win Win – Angie Lee


How can authenticity, vulnerability, and relatability scale your following on Instagram? Angie Lee, organic marketing expert, entrepreneur, podcaster, and speaker is obsessed with helping and empowering others to expand their online business through deep, honest engagement. She teaches you how to speak your audience’s language, why you make more money when you talk to less people, why DMs are more effective than any hashtag or ad, and how to build quality relationships so that every sale becomes a win-win.

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1. It’s all about the quality of your audience, the engagement, and the intimacy you build with them. Incentivize word of mouth. It’s a stronger, quicker sale than an ad.
2. You’ll grow more when you’re not focused on growth. Focus on the retention of the current people in front of you. Put your community first and figure out the products second.
3. Meet your customer where they’re at. Use their language. Speak to their pain points and pleasure points.
4. Start specific before you branch out. You make more money when you speak to less people.
5. Marketing is communication. It’s like talking to a friend.
6. Anybody can be anybody. The playing field is so level. You only fail if you don’t try.
7. Sales is a win-win situation. It’s a beautiful exchange of energy, and you deserve to get paid for what you do so you can do more amazing things in the world.


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