A Must Listen Talk with Bob Goff About His Dream Big Framework to Clarify & Achieve Your Dreams


How can you conjure up 20 seconds of insane courage that could change your life? Bob Goff, founder of Love Does, bestselling author, speaker, podcaster, and coach was a lawyer who realized he had a bigger purpose to help millions dream big, make life more awesome, and unlock their potential to love and be loved greater. He shares how much power there can be in making yourself available, how to stop getting distracted from the things that you’re still hanging onto, and how to use his Dream Big Framework so you can get clarity on your dreams and make them come to life.

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1. The world needs people who are available. Be available and you’ll learn something about yourself. 
2. We’re all amateurs. Walk in to learn, be eager, take notes.
3. We are new creations. Jump into this adventure and find out what the new you is longing for.
4. Be intentional about why you’re doing what you’re doing
5. Start today. All you need is 20 seconds of insane courage.
6. If you want to go far, you can’t spend all your time trying to look good.
7. Once you identify an ambition, it’s catnip for opportunity. Be engaged in the world around you. Don’t be in the spectator section.
8. Don’t just observe the scene of your life. Lose the pockets that you’re hanging onto, make a plan, make the call, and love the adventure.


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