Tricia Huffman on Becoming a Joyologist for Jason Mraz, Finding Fulfillment & Joy, and Letting Go of “I Should”


How can you let go of the should’s that have kept you stuck your whole life? Tricia Huffman, better known as Your Joyologist, is a coach, speaker, entrepreneur and podcaster who was touring as a sound engineer when she realized she could invent a new role and help successful musicians on a deeper level to claim more joy and purpose in their life. She shares how to choose what makes you come alive, stop letting other people’s judgment keep you from living your dream, and discover the key to becoming fulfilled.

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1. Give yourself a chance. Choose to live. Do what makes you come alive.

2. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.
3. Don’t outsource your life choices. Eliminate the word “should” and replace it with “want.”
4. You have to claim your worth. You have to know that you’re enough, that you’re lovable. It’s up to you.
5. Your approval is the biggest key to making you feel fulfilled.
6. A judgment can only have power over you if it’s something you believe to be true about yourself. The only judge of you is you.
7. If there’s one person who can feel something from you sharing your gifts, then that’s good enough.


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