The Most Empowering Stories & Advice from Successful Black Female Entrepreneurs


In honor of the Black Lives Matter movement, we’re shining a light on the inspiring stories and wisdom from these brilliant black female entrepreneurs. You’ll hear from amazing guests like Morgan Harper Nichols, Jenne Claiborne, Jamila Souffrant, Ahyiana Angel, Tomi Makanjuola, Gail Keyes Allen, Patrice Washington, Jessica Huie, and Jadah Sellner on how they’ve paved their own entrepreneurial path, found the courage to make their voices heard, and how you can follow in their footsteps to create a life you love.


1. You are not alone in your pain. There’s hope that it will get better.
2. You don’t need thousands, or even hundreds of followers in order to build momentum.
3. Buy more shares of yourself. Invest in your mindset. There’s no cutoff to the return on that investment.
4. Wealth is not material possessions and money alone. Wealth is a condition of wellbeing.
5. Quit playing small. Think in favor of yourself instead of against yourself. Act as if everything will go in favor of you.
6. No matter your age – step up, step out and do your thing.
7. Follow your joy. Commit to building a life where you can wake up every single day and be 100% in love with what you are doing.
8. Sell from a place of service. Focus on the transformation, not the transaction.
9. Just consider that the biggest obstacle in your way is your opinion of how possible that is for you.


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