Success Stories from Artists, Writers & Mentors I Coached and How They Transformed Their Life


How do you stop playing small and step into the role you’re meant to be? Today’s episode celebrates the journeys of 4 more Made to Do This students! Find out how Jayati Vora, Bree-Anna Vincent, Laura McNeice, and Angie Bailey discovered their voice, pivoted towards where they could serve, and began growing online businesses that have taken flight.

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1. Identify what’s broken in your bag and what problem you want to solve. Those broken pieces are your greatest tools.
2. You can have anything you dream of.
3. The thing that comes naturally to you is what you really need to share.
4. The cage door has always been open. You can fly out now.
5. Everybody is important. Everyone is worthy.
6. Start small. You don’t need to fill the page. Take it one word at a time.
7. Don’t ask yourself “Who am I to do this?” Ask yourself “Who am I not to do this”.


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