How Jamie Kern Lima Created IT Cosmetics & Turned it Into a Billion Dollars


How can telling your authentic story completely alter your destiny? Jamie Kern Lima, founder of IT Cosmetics, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and speaker was getting rejections for 3 years and really struggled to get her business off the ground. But her persistence and belief in her mission led to a 10 minute opportunity on QVC that would ultimately fuel her calling to empower women, and lead to a billion dollar success story. She shares why it’s important to know your Why, how to stay focused when you’re constantly hit with the no’s and the doubters, and how to stay authentically true to you so you can connect with the people who need your gifts.

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1. There are moments that feel like setbacks. But they’re really setting us up for our destiny.
2. Have a “why” that’s bigger than yourself.
3. We all hold our own microphone. Protect it. Be selective about who gets to talk to your mic when it comes to your dream.
4. Follow through on your mission.
5. Tell your authentic story. Own it. Being authentically you is the only way to connect with your customers.
6 .Focus on the things that truly matter.
7. If you pivot your business, make sure it’s aligned with your mission and your “why.” Don’t dilute your secret sauce.
8. When it seems like there’s no other choice ahead, that’s the best time to get scrappy and creative.


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