Byron Katie Talks About How to Free Yourself from Suffering By Changing the Narrative with Her Incredible 4 Step Process


How can you change your beliefs that keep you stuck? Byron Katie, bestselling author and founder of The Work had to hit rock bottom before discovering the power of The Work and helping millions of others around the world. She shares how to use her 4 questions + the turnaround to revolutionize your life, how to build awareness around the self induced lies that no longer serve you, and how to take responsibility for your freedom and happiness.

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1. Ask yourself, one – “Is it true?”, two – “Can I absolutely know this is true?”, three – “how do I react when I believe this thought?”, and four – “Who would I be without this thought?” Then turn it around and say “What is the opposite?”
2. You are your own way out. It begins and ends with you.
3. There’s no right or wrong. Don’t feel guilty for believing what you believe.
4. Freedom and happiness are your birthright.
5. Look at your craft and love it.
6. Question anything that stops you from doing service for other people.
7. Love what is. do the thing in front of you bc you don’t know why not to. let it be simple. it’s a good life.


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