7 Ways to Make Money Online & Grow a Lucrative Business – Jennifer Allwood


How can you monetize your creative gifts? Jennifer Allwood, business coach, entrepreneur, podcaster and author took many turns in her career, and ultimately found her calling by helping women build a lucrative business using their talents. She shares the 7 ways you can make money online, how to grow your following on social media, and how to get unstuck from your fear so you can show up in the world and live the life you desire.

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1. Crisis will often catapult you into your calling.
2. Show up every day.
3. Use live video. There are more people on social media than ever before, craving relationships and eye contact. People don’t want posts. They want a person.
4. Your platform is valuable. Your community and knowledge is valuable. Get paid for it. Nobody should work for free.
5. When you do outreach, keep it simple, keep it brief and keep it brilliant. Position your message in a way that shows how you can help someone else.
6. Charge what your service or product is worth.
7. Pick something, name it, and put it out there.
8. You have talent too. So put a price tag on it.


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