The Essential Pieces to Build & Launch a Successful Online Course – Thinkific’s Greg Smith


What are the steps to create, sell, and deliver an online course that will get people results? Greg Smith, cofounder of Thinkific, built the online platform to allow entrepreneurs to teach what they love and expand their business. He shares how to develop trust with your new students, how to get clarity on the result and the steps you want to take them through, why you need a community around your course, and how to make the best experience for the people you’re going to impact.

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1. Start with the tools you have on hand. It doesn’t need to be flashy. It doesn’t need to be perfect.
2. When you can deliver value, then you have a scalable business.
3. Welcome your students in. Make an amazing first impression.
4. Give clarity and guidance. Tell them where to go first, what’s the end result, and how you’ll get them there. Start them on the path one step at a time.
5. Take out a piece of paper. Write down, “What is the transformation that I want to give?”
6. Create community around your course.
7. You don’t have to be an amazing expert. People would rather learn from the person who’s just one step ahead of them.
8. Just start with “What can I give someone that delivers value and will help them get the results?” When you can give value, that’s when it takes off.


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