The 3 Steps to Great Copy – Laura Belgray


How can you make a living by showing up and being the true version of yourself? Laura Belgray, copy expert and co-creator of The Copy Cure returns (for a third time!) to share her best tips on how to be prolific and rise above average, how to make the most of this time and make your pivot, how to authentically connect with your email list when you have something to sell, and how to get paid to be you.
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1. Create in volume. In order to create something above average, you have to be prolific and make a lot.
2. Don’t wait to marinade, don’t wait to make it perfect. Create with velocity.
3. Get visibility. Make a push to get your name, your voice and your face out there. Even the tiny audiences can bring new fans.
4. People want to spend money to enjoy their lives and make themselves better. Why shouldn’t you be one they give it to?
5. We are the economy. You aren’t doing a service to you or anyone else when you don’t make money.
6. You don’t have to be a price that everyone can afford. “Expensive” is relative.
7. You don’t have to be the best or best known. Just be you and be in front of the people who need you.


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