How My Students Broke Through Their Upper Limit, Charged What They Deserve & Built a Business That They Love


When you have the courage to put your offer in the world, what possibilities could arise? We feature 4 more stories from our Made to Do This students – Nadine Kenney Johnstone, Maddie Cartwright, Hannah Blunk, and Gail Keyes Allen – who showed up to do the work, served their audience through generosity, broke through their upper ceiling and took the scary step to make a paid offer. You’ll hear how they’ve now been able to leave the day job behind, triple their income, and sustain their business during times of major pivots.

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1. The table is endless. There is always a seat for you.
2. You deserve to tell your story. Period.
3. Break through the ceiling and make it your new floor.
4. Trust the process and do the work.
5. Make space for the things that matter to you.
6. No matter your age – step up, step out and do your thing.
7. Keep pivoting and showing up messy. You’ll find where you fit in.


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