How Emma Mumford Grew Financial Success From Affiliates & Manifested Spiritual Abundance Through the Law of Attraction


What steps do you need to take to become spiritually and financially abundant? Emma Mumford, award winning life coach and mentor, bestselling author, speaker, and podcaster thought she reached the dream life by building a thriving online business and becoming UK’s Coupon Queen. But after falling into a deep depression, she set off on a spiritual journey to manifest the true life she desired and stepped into a new role as a Spiritual Queen. She shares the exercises to help you learn to love yourself, the 5 steps to becoming positively wealthy, and the actions you can take to meet the universe halfway and become abundant in all areas of your life.

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1. Every morning write 3 to 5 things you’re grateful for and why. Gratitude goes a long way.
2. Stop putting yourself in boxes. Your uniqueness is your superpower.
3. When you’re resisting the pivot, ask yourself if you’d be happier if you did or didn’t do it. There’s your answer.
4. Take inspired action so the universe can meet you halfway. Trust the process.
5. Detach yourself from the outcome. Allow things to happen instead of forcing them.
6. The universe loves a risk taker.
7. When you’re ready to stop tolerating what you don’t want, and you choose to go for what is truly aligned with your higher self, that’s when the manifestation will happen.


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