How Carrie Green Went From a Broke Law Student to a Multimillion Dollar Membership & an Empowered Community of 800,000 Women


How do you find your audience and turn that into an online platform that reaches a worldwide community? Carrie Green, founder of Female Entrepreneur Association, bestselling author, and podcaster stumbled into the world of online business while struggling to make ends meet as a law student. Now she has an empire of over 800,000 women who are inspired and empowered every day through her platform. She shares how to build your network, what components go into a successful online membership, how to be intentional and excited about the way you serve, and how to keep showing up for your vision.

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1. When you show up for your message and put yourself out there, the pathway unfolds in a way you can never foresee. Follow the breadcrumbs and take action.
2. Get yourself in a place where you feel excited about the possibilities and what you can create, and you know the success and abundance is yours for the taking.
3. Just get going with one idea right now. It doesn’t matter if it’s the be all or end all. It’s the start of the adventure.
4. Create and hold a space for people. That is precious.
5. Our purpose is to be of service, show up, and go above and beyond for our audience. Wow and delight them. Create the best experience for them. It’ll always be an evolution.
6. Everything can be taken away from you, except for your freedom to choose how you respond.
7. Get intentional about who you want to be for your audience, relationship you want with them, and how you’ll show up for them.
8. Be your own best friend. Empower yourself to live your best life. This isn’t a dress rehearsal. You only live one life. Make it as amazing as you possibly can.


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