How to Stop Checking Your Likes, Shake Off the Need for Approval & Live an Incredible Life – Susie Moore


What is the secret to being confident and courageous? Susie Moore, author, columnist, and life coach is back on the show to reveal some of the best wisdom from her new book, Stop Checking Your Likes. She shares how to choose calm over chaos, why it’s more generous to the world when you let it be easy, how to filter out the opinions that don’t matter, and how to focus on what you can control so you can unlock a life of peace, and contribution.

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1. There can always be a lot going on, but within you there is always that silence, that choice if you let it in and give it space.
2. There will be a time when this is over. When that day comes, we’ll rejoice, we’ll hug, and we’ll look back and say, “I’m happy with what I contributed then.”
3. Confidence is the willingness to experience uncomfortable emotions.
4. Be humble enough to make moves and be resilient. No one knows everything.
5. The next step will show up for you if you keep meeting it halfway with your courage.
6. It’s generous to be easy on yourself.
7. Don’t focus on improving your weaknesses. Double down on your strengths.
8. You have talent. It’s impossible to be here without one. The fact that you exist is a miracle.
9. Focus on what you can control. Trust your inner voice and wisdom. Peace begins with you.


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