How to Clarify Your Gifts & Monetize Your Own Podcast – Stefanie Gass


How do you accept the calling you’ve been given and make a thriving business from it? Stefanie Gass, clarity coach, podcast coach, and host of the Mompreneur Mastermind Show stopped climbing the corporate and the network marketing ladders after realizing that lifestyle was a lie. Now she’s made it her mission to help bring clarity to other people’s dreams, and turn those ideas into a sustainable business. She shares how to stop judging the gift you’ve been assigned, launch a top podcast, find your specific target avatar, and create a profitable offer that will solve their problem and serve their needs.

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1. Each human being has a special gift that creates a collective. You are so important to the big picture of everything.
2. Trust the process. Be willing to pivot, open up, and take the messy steps to figure out what your calling is.
3. We can choose to be world changers wherever we’re placed.
4. Who cares if we mess up? That’s our point on this planet, to mess up and make something beautiful at the end of the journey.
5. Show up where your avatar is showing up. Take your ego out of the equation and make something that solves their problems and serves. Create trust.
6. Putting service before sales makes you profitable.
7. Be front of mind. Talk about your thing more than you think you should. Make it fun and exciting every time.
8. There is no end destination. The magic is in the here, the now, the failure, the beautiful mess. And inside the mess is a complete transformation of who you’re meant to be.


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