How a Mom of 4 Made a Fortune with Online Programs, Lots of Fun & No Formulas – Allie Casazza


How can you make millions by selling what feels good to you? Allie Casazza, “The Life Minimalist,” podcast host of The Purpose Show, and online course creator was stuck in a wintery Arkansas, frustrated by her family’s financial situation. After many 4 am mornings and unsuccessful flops, she found the key that would make her business soar and help others find more ease at home. She shares how to launch a course without funnels and formulas, replace a rigid routine with rhythms, connect with your community on a genuine level, and rinse off the feelings and fears that are holding you down.
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1. Show up. Do what feels aligned with you, and push.
2. Be passionate about what you talk about. Believe it. You’re not selling a formula. You’re selling an opportunity for joy, you’re selling a life of fresh breath.
3. Have fun. When you create a movement and when you get excited about something, that energy becomes contagious.
4. Use rhythms to identify your essentials. Make that list of “what is enough.”
5. Your brain power is too valuable to spend on doing laundry. Automate and delegate.
6. Create from place of how you want to feel when it’s done building and you’re running it. Create from what makes you feel good.
7. Your feelings and fears are valid. But don’t soak in them. Get out of the bathtub, rinse them off, and go do your thing.


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