How a Creative Girl with a Big Heart Grew a Massive Community & 80 Million Monthly Pinterest Views Through Rapid Iteration & Testing Her Ideas – Brit + Co’s Brit Morin


How can you use rapid testing to find out what your customers want and grow a media empire? Brit Morin, founder and CEO of Brit + Co, entrepreneur, author and podcast host spent her early career at dream companies like Apple and Google, but realized she was hungry for more creativity in her life. She shares how rapid iteration has helped her understand her community’s needs, how to make a small offer that will generate quick income, how new platforms can be used to your advantage, and how to step into your purpose as an entrepreneur and make this your moment.

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1. When you realize the “something else” that your people want, then the magic happens.
2. It’s about rapid testing, rapid iteration. You have to throw a bunch of things out in the world and see which one people care about. Then double down on it.
3. Be specific about who you’re talking to. There’s a niche topic and community for everyone.
4. We’re all in this together. Make people feel like their voice matters.
5. People are scared. How can you help them? This is a key moment to be shifting. This is a rapid test moment.
6. Ask for help. You don’t have to do it all by yourself.
7. Even if you impact just one person – that matters.


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