Yancey Strickler Talks About Kickstarter, Bentoism & Raising Money with Integrity 


How do you make a hard decision that satisfies your self interest but doesn’t sacrifice your values? Yancey Strickler, author, creator of Bentoism, and cofounder of Kickstarter invented a new matrix to make peace with the part of him that didn’t want to be a sellout and the part of him that knew he needed financial security. He shares how Kickstarter’s ethos allowed the company to survive through unpopular decisions, how to step into the unafraid version of yourself, how to use Bentoism to serve your desires and become more generous, and how to fund your creative dreams with integrity.

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1. Create an ethos and commit to it. Keep the value in the community.
2. You can never ask a customer to give you more without giving something in exchange.
3. People support you based on a human connection.
4. The farther along you are, the greater your reach.
5. Let your body tell you what’s right.
6. Grow the mustache. Change who you are, step into the unafraid version of you, and liberate yourself from the old story.
7. Every choice we make has a footprint on the “now me,” the “future me”, the “now us,” and the “future us.” See beyond right now and make room for tomorrow.


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