Sarah Knight on the Power of Saying No to Your Inner Perfectionist & People Pleaser


How can you say no to the people and your own behaviors that don’t serve you, and make space for the life you deserve? Sarah Knight, bestselling author of the No F*cks Given Guides is back on the podcast to talk about the biggest lessons from her latest book, F*ck No. She helps you learn how to set healthy boundaries, say no without feeling guilty or fearful, take the scary step of raising your prices, and build your “me time” so you can show up in this world as the more joyful and fulfilled version of you.

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1. You’re allowed to be happy and make changes to reach that happiness.

2. Do the “no and switch.” Say no and offer an alternative.
3. Make the decision.
4. It’s liberating to know that you’re not the center of everyone’s universe.
5. Practice saying no thank you. The more reps you do, the more you change the person you are.
6. Be the no you want to hear in the world.
7. Me time is a right, not a privilege. Create space for yourself.
8. Spend 10 minutes a day on self reflection. Ask yourself, “How am I feeling in this moment? Why is that? What can I do to change that today?”


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