Ken Coleman’s Proven Strategy That Will Lead To The Career You Love


How can you find the unique role you’re meant to play and turn it into a reality? Ken Coleman, national radio show host of The Ken Coleman Show and bestselling author of The Proximity Principle took many pivots until he found his place as a counselor, coach and cheerleader for people across the country searching for their dream career. He shares how to manage your 3 enemies of fear, doubt and pride, how to get clarity on the work you love to do that bring the results you care about, break down an overwhelming dream into actionable steps, and how your impact on just one person can create major change in the world.

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1. You were created to fill a unique role. Somebody out there needs you to be you. You matter, you do have what it takes. Press on.
2. Use what you do best to do the work you love that creates a result that matters to you.
3. People + places = opportunity.
4. When you learn, do, and connect, opportunity will find you.
5. We all have fear, doubt, and pride. Call it out. Deconstruct it, put it on trial. And then refocus on the truth.
6. It’s not about the numbers, it’s about the role you were created to fill. When you can be who you are, and be available – then you can make an impact.
7. Your failure and rejection is the price of admission. It means you’re in the game.


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