How to Raise Your Upper Limit & Make Messy First Drafts


How can you break your own ceiling and step into your zone of genius? Cathy shares an important coaching call about how to embrace the pain to end your suffering, what the imperfect first versions of The Simpsons and Seth Godin’s blog really looked like, how to summon 20 seconds of courage, and what opportunities will rain on you when you decide to be available for the life you deserve.

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1. Life is a gift. You can’t afford to play in your zone of excellence. Your soul is dying to play in your zone of genius.
2. Thoughts are not facts.
3. We reach for the highest branch we see possible.
4. When you give yourself permission to make mediocre things, the brilliant things slip through.
5. Getting better is the path to better.
6. The universe doesn’t care about “ready.” The universe responds to brave.
7. Have fun noticing your stuff. It means a breakthrough is coming.
8. When you are available and ambitious, the opportunities rain all over you.


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