How to Build an Audience & Stay True to Your Purpose – Julie Solomon


When your passions change, how can you still stay aligned with your purpose? Julie Solomon, marketing/PR/personal branding expert, entrepreneur podcaster, and business coach thought she would be a mom blogger, until she realized her true place of service was by helping other people grow their business. She shares how to get clear on your ideal customer, start small and avoid the plateau, and rebrand so you can make a bigger difference to a bigger audience.

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1. Your passions might change. Your purpose remains the same.
2. Ask yourself, “Why does this matter to me? What problem do I solve?”
3. Know who you’re talking to, where they are, and how they retain the results you promise them.
4. Just take action. If you get it wrong, say “heck yeah!” – because now you can redirect.
5. Start small. Build the credibility and momentum to keep going.
6. You are the wisest person you know. You know what’s best for you.
7. Go easy on yourself.


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