How Kevin Nealon Finds Success, Purpose & Joy Everyday


What worlds open up when you show up and give it a chance? Kevin Nealon, comedian, actor, and creator of Hiking with Kevin wasn’t sure if he could make a living doing standup. He didn’t think he would get a role on Saturday Night Live. But he said “Why not,” went to the audition anyway, and the doors welcomed him in. He shares how to explore multiple passions, become a lifelong learner, challenge yourself to grow, and find the fantastic feeling of confronting your fears.

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1. Throw yourself into it. Take that step forward. Trust the process.
2. Do things that scare you. Confronting your fears can actually feel fantastic.
3. When you make your passion your job, you don’t feel like you’re going to work. You’ll be willing to do the hard stuff.
4. There’s plenty of room for everyone.
5. Spend time with people you love, do things you enjoy, do the work, and do nothing.
6. You can always come back to the dream. You’re not closing the door permanently.
7. Give it a chance.


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